The Final Hour Ministries we are trainig center traveling around the world, we are building a future of hope and success for the next generation. We believe that your visit is not by happenstance but by divinely ordained by GOD!  Apostle Michael and Prophetess Wanda White watch the video on the website on WATC TV57 ATLANTA'S COMMUNITY TELEVISION. Training Center for anyone looking to become better equipped for the ministry you're currently in, or to become more powerfully equipped for everyday life in The Kingdom of God.


Our Multicultural ministry is totally dedicated to equipping believers, empowering the Five Fold, Ministries and churches around the world with time tested, practical and scriptuaral tools to help each one fulfill the task of reaching their community of J E S U S. No matter the season of life you're in, there's something here for everyone. 


The kingdom of God is ever advancing, and here is your opportunity to advance with it.Understanding that ministry goes beyond the pulpit and church work, we adapted the church marketplace relationship to better bring God's Kingdom to earth. This a place where lives are being changed, broken hearts mended, faith arising, hope given, marriage restored and fathers taking there rightful place. Don't just build a church the size you can draw from a city. But grow a global online vision the size you can draw from the world.


Don't waste any more time just getting by in life. It's time to thrive. Invest in yourself for Ministry Today.We have trained over 1000.00 people to walk in their spiritual gifts. We dedicated to helping the Body of Christ Fulfill our God given destiny. Preaching the Gospel of the kingdom to every person on earth....THE END TIME HAS COME. We live in the realm of the expected, we are above and not beneath, We are blessed and not cursed! Our mission to share God's love everywhere we go.






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